A Must-Have Guide for Writers Who Want to Publish or Sell More Books

Posted on 07. Jul, 2011 by in Blog, Writing Tips

Your Novel Sucks… Now What?” by Stephanie Lehmann. Who could resist a book with this title?

You wouldn’t think that an e-book about criticism of your writing could make you smile, but Stephanie Lehmann’s book, “Your Novel Sucks… Now What?” does just that.

Here’s the description:

“As an associate at the Elaine Koster Literary Agency I’ve been giving diplomatic, thoughtful feedback to authors for ten years. As a published author of four novels I’ve been subjected to insulting, demoralizing criticism from agents, editors, friends and even my mother. This guide is filled with good-humored advice for serious authors preparing to expose their work to a world of full of critics.

You can always find people who will tell you what’s wrong with your writing. They’re dying to tell you, as a matter of fact. They can’t wait to flip over that last page and start formulating constructive criticism to explain how to improve that book. They may have the best of intentions — even as their comments make you crumble before their very eyes.

Didn’t they know you just wanted to hear them say they love it? Didn’t they know all anyone wants is to be loved? And published?

Everyone hates criticism, but it’s crucial to get feedback on your work because it’s impossible to stay objective and, let’s face it, sometimes you’ll hear something that’s actually useful. A book on writing can’t give you feedback, but it can give good advice that might save you from humiliation down the line.”

The book’s on offer too, over at Smashwords, at 50% off the e-book price of $2.99 until July 31st.

(Full disclosure: I worked with Stephanie a few years ago and know what a talented editor and all-round good-egg she is. Just the thought of her makes me smile. Her own books are funny, too. Buy “Your Novel Sucks… Now What?” HERE.)

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