Are women writers scared of new technologies? Come on girls, say it ain’t so!

Posted on 20. Sep, 2015 by in Blog, Press/Events

Monyka Berrocosa of BlogTalkRadio completely surprised me when she said that, often, she finds women – particularly mothers – are scared of new technologies and that they may hold back, not execute their ideas, rather than experiment and fail. Does this describe you? If it does, it’s time for some new thinking. Here are three tips from my class (Writing for Digital Media) at Sarah Lawrence College:

1. Click and see what happens – the internet is constantly changing; websites get updated, new and better ones are launched. It simply isn’t possible to learn first and execute second. You learn by doing.

2. No-one will give you permission – and you don’t need it! What do YOU want to find on the internet? What’s the most fantastic thing you can think of? Start it now.

3. Make it fun! Every time Leslie and I do something new on the computer, once we’ve edited once, twice, three times and think we’re finally ready to hit send, she looks at me and says, “Shall we go?” and I say, “Click away!” and she clicks the mouse and we laugh our heads off. Silly but true.

On our interview at mycity4herradio, Monyka asked questions about writing and publishing I haven’t been asked before (despite dozens of interviews over the last 18 months! Great job, Monyka!), so for more tips and advice, you might like to listen to the interview, available in eChook’s Story Studio now. To visit Monyka at mycity4herradio, please click here.

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