eChook supports the United Nations Literacy Decade (UNLD) 2003-2012

Posted on 23. Nov, 2010 by in Blog, Press/Events

eChook will donate a portion of profits from all sales to UNLD. eChook agrees with UNLD that ‘literacy is crucial to the acquisition, by every child, youth and adult, of essential life skills’.

eChook’s mission is to bring top-quality, life-affirming stories to every corner of the globe and promote reading to an all-time high. We bring the overworked and under-rested 10 minutes of transcendent bliss through stories that soothe the soul like literary gourmet chocolate.

As readers and writers, we know first-hand how crucial literacy is to the ‘acquisition of life skills’. Stories can be informative and transformative in so many ways; they can turn an ordinary moment into delight, despair into the beginning of acceptance, or even save lives. If women in Afghanistan knew that death by fire can be slow and painful, that it does not provide instantaneous relief – if they had access to and could read this supremely important piece of information – perhaps suicide by self-immolation would decrease?

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