Introducing the Authors of Memoir, Vol. 1: Jennifer Armstrong

Posted on 28. Apr, 2011 by in Blog, Press/Events

From DATING WRITERS by Jennifer Armstrong:

“For the first few weeks of our relationship, I entered author-guy immersion therapy. I felt like I was living in his brain, nestled cozily among his always-firing, brilliant neurons. I liked it there. Even after we kissed good night, I could hold onto him well into the night, or the next morning, or on the subway to work. It was early-stage love bound into a metaphor, available in hardcover now and paperback later. I wanted to grab onto his beautiful neurons, rip them out of his head, and wrap myself in them forever. Reading his book came close.”

To read Jennifer’s bio and a larger excerpt, CLICK HERE.

To buy the app from iTunes, CLICK HERE.

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