Short stories are an ancient narrative art form with roots in oral story-telling. Typically, in oral traditions, stories are kept alive by being re-told again and again. Part of our mission at eChook is to keep wonderful stories alive by sharing them with thousands of eChook readers in 67 countries around the world.

Reading can change the way we look at the world. Stories can literally be life-sustaining, can be what Kafka called the ‘ice axe to break the sea frozen inside’. This blog will review published short stories by living and dead authors that ‘break the sea frozen inside’ in order to keep those stories alive and in service.

And writers know that writing can be cathartic. It can change the way we feel about life. In each issue of ‘LITERARY DELIGHTS’, we will analyze a point of craft and you’ll be amazed to discover how simple it can be to identify and achieve a particular effect. Over time, we will cover all the points of craft that every writer needs to understand to engage readers’ emotions and write the most powerful stories possible. The techniques work equally well in fiction, memoir or essays, and once you learn them, you’ll be able to put them to work in your own writing.

If you are the author of a published short story or story collection and you would like to submit it for review and/or possible inclusion in our newsletter, ‘LITERARY DELIGHTS’, please leave a reply below. We do not pay for reprints but, if accepted, your story will be excerpted on our website along with a headshot and links to your webite/blog, etc., and may be shared in full, along with a point of craft well-executed, in our newsletter ‘LITERARY DELIGHTS’.

The first issue of ‘LITERARY DELIGHTS’ will be sent out to newsletter subscribers shortly (to sign up, click here), and will include a complete short story (‘Vanka’ by Chekhov), as well as an analysis of one point of craft used by Chekhov.

If you are the author of an unpublished short story and would like to submit it for possible publication, please visit the Submissions page.

If you are a reader who would like to nominate a short story for review, please leave a reply below with the title, where it is available, and why you love the story. If we choose it for review, we will include your first name (only) and your comments on our website and in our newsletter.

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