Startling News for Writers – and What We Can Do About It

Posted on 28. Sep, 2011 by in Blog, Press/Events

What’s new today in publishing and the digital world? Hold onto your hat. Not only has a (horribly feasible) future of books been envisioned, but a new technology has been launched that crystallizes the threat video poses to reading and writing.

Links to both are at the end of this post but here’s the gist of it:

1. A possible timeline for the disappearance of printed books and
2. A new technology for turning text into video.

What can writers do about this? First of all, remember that jobs for writers are set to increase by 15% by 2018 as more and more associations and businesses come online. And then consider this: videos – and short films and webisodes – still have to be written before they can be filmed.

Here at eChook, our focus is to help writers make a decent living whilst expressing themselves creatively. To do that, we have to stay ahead of developing trends. We can’t help but grieve the contraction in print publishing (we raised our children on old-fashioned picture books, after all), but we relish the new digital technologies that give bedroom producers the same opportunities as corporate producers. Folks, this is the best time EVER to be a writer, but understanding trends is crucial if you want to publish, build a platform and get paid.

To that end, we have developed Story Studio (sign up top right on home page). In the Studio, in the coming months, we’ll discuss how (and where) writers of prose – fiction, memoir and essays – can re-purpose their original works for video. We’ll discuss short films, webisodes and how writers can benefit from the explosive growth in online video and the new generation of web-connected TVs.

The Future of books- a Dystopian Timeline

New Tool Converts Text into Reading – Is This the End of Reading?

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