SHOWCASE is open year-round to published and unpublished stories – fiction, memoir or essay – up to 2,500 words.

Accepted stories will be featured in full on our home page, along with a photo and links to the author’s website or blog, announced on our FB page (24 million impressions so far), and to the 1,100+ readers who follow us on Twitter.

There is no entry fee to submit, and we do not pay for these stories, but accepted authors will be read by eChook’s thousands of readers in 100+ countries (who love short stories). If they enjoy your story, they’ll follow the links to read more.

This is how authors today build a platform – one reader at a time.

In addition, SHOWCASE stories will remain available permanently on the home page, eChook’s top landing page. Authors retain copyright and grant us non-exclusive use of your story. This means you can do with it as you wish. See below for more details.

Please submit below. If relevant, please make note of where and when the piece was published.


We welcome published as well as unpublished authors and we look forward to reading your entries.

* Multiple submissions per writer are accepted.
* International submissions are welcomed.
* Please make sure your name, email, and story title is on the top of page one.

Q & A

What rights do you need?
In the light of the fast-changing digital market, we are more flexible than ever about rights. We are happy to accept Non-Exclusive Global English language and audio rights. This means your story may or may not already have been published, but you are the copyright owner and you grant eChook the right to publish it too.

At the same time, you retain copyright and are free to do whatever you wish with your story.

By submitting your work to eChook, you confirm that you grant us Non-Exclusive Global English language rights and Audio Rights. This means your work may appear in all and any digital, print and audio formats.

If I’ve submitted a piece and haven’t heard from you, should I still submit more work?
By all means. Please don’t assume that we don’t like your writing because we haven’t responded to one story. We’ve received some excellent pieces that simply aren’t our cup of tea, but a different topic from the same writer may well elicit a different response. Know also that we do edit, but we’re writers ourselves and we are not judgmental. We understand the writing process, and know it’s almost always possible to make a piece just that bit stronger. We’re happy to read as many pieces as you’d like to submit.

How much editing will there be?
It all depends on your story. Sometimes, even published stories can benefit from editing and we work closely with authors to develop the strongest story possible.

Does it have to be fiction or do you also publish essays?
We publish stories with a narrative arc – a beginning, middle and end. If your essay or memoir fits that description, and is between 750 and 2,500 words, we’d love to read it.

Must each story be exactly ten minutes, or between 750 – 2,500 words?
No, it’s just a guideline. Some will be longer, some shorter, depending on the needs of the story.

Can I submit elsewhere at the same time?

When will I hear from you if you want to publish my story?
We aim to respond within a week to a few months, depending on the volume of submissions.

Do you send rejection letters?
No. You will receive see a message in a box that says ‘Thank you! Your submission has been received.’ This confirms your story is now in our submission process.

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