Writers can earn up to $100/News 12 CT interview with eChook’s Tessa Smith McGovern

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For more information on our current call for submissions and to see an iPhone demonstration of eChook’s first short story app, see Tessa’s eChook interview on News 12 CT, Sat 1/5 8am, 11.30am, 3pm & 3.30am, Sun 1/6 8am, 11.30am, 2pm, 11.30pm. We look forward to reading your work!

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  1. Sharon 16 February 2011 at 5:23 am #

    My Step Father Died

    My step Father died on Tuesday, February 8, 2011, at 90 years old. We loved him dearly. My biological Father died in 1969, but this story is about my step Father. He was a very proud man, a WWII veteran, retiree from an assembly company and then he worked at a hotel as a handyman and shuttle bus drive until he was 80 years. He met and married my Mom (predeceased) in 1980 and they lived a wonderful life for 25 years. JJ, as I called him, loved my Mom from the top of her head to the botton of her feet. He would make dates with her at home after work, send her flowers, play lovely jazz music, take her to concerts, outdoor concerts, visit family and friends After they both retired they spent endless hours and miles camping in their motor home. My siblings and I had to keep a calendar during the summer just so we could make an appointment with them to visit. We did not want to travel miles to see them, to find out there were out camping. I have one brother and two sisters. When we met JJ,we thought, he seems ok. If Mom loved him……we certainly could like him. Mom had a difficult marriage with our Dad and a couple bad relationships after he died, but JJ seemed ok. JJ had one son and we all got along. Has the years passed, we not only began to like JJ, but love came into the picture. Mom and JJ traveled to my homes around the country, my brothers and sisters homes around the country. He ended up with not just one son,but two sons and three daughters with their husbands and children. He would sit back in his eary chair when we visited just smiling as we took over him welcoming home. That was his castle. No disrespect to our Father, but JJ was filling in for him. The grandchildren only knew him and Grandad and he loved them. My Mom got sick and passed in 2005. JJ had a fall and could not live alone thereafter. He moved into the same nursing home my Mom died in. He made the best of that situation…..signing up for each and every event held by the home. Again, we had to make an appointment with him to we would not miss him when we went to visit. His health declined, had a heart attack and went home to be with the Lord and noon on Feb 8. He missed Mom so much. They planned their burial….she was cremated and her ashes would be placed at his feel in the couffin. That is was they wanted. The nice thing about it was it just so happened that the funeral was held on Valentines Day. There were united in Heaven on Feb 8, but their remains were reunited on Feb 14. That exercise was mostly for us living. Another wonderful thing about this is as a army veteran, the bugle played taps, has the American Flag drapped over the couffin, then folded and handed to the family. The officer said someting like this…..”The United States of American and President Barak Obama thank you for your dedicated service.” My step Father was 90 years old and he never thought he would live to vote for a African American let alone see the day when the country has an African American president. I know he was pleased at this. He was a fine man, a strong Christian, a wonderful husband and father and step Father. God works wonders. We were blessed to have him and he was blessed to have us. Praise be to God.

    That’s my story. Please contact me.

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